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Global Ehsan Relief is a humanitarian aid relief agency, a registered NGO in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka & Cambodia. We are dedicated to providing humanitarian services in crisis and non-crisis situations to most needy orphans, widows and destitute, irrespective of race, religion, culture, creed and geographical boundary.

Global Ehsan Relief aspires to excel in humanitarian relief, providing humanitarian services with the highest level of compassion, professionalism and care under the supervision of a team of professionals from the region and abroad.

Care For Orphans
Care For Orphans
Umrah for Orphans Sponsorship
Umrah for Orphans Sponsorship
Care For Hunger
Care For Hunger
Care for Education
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It is a sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) that when a baby is born the parents should perform aqeeqah for the child by slaughtering two goats or sheep for a boy and one sheep or goat for a girl.

Charity Recycle Drive

Give your recycle clothes to us and let it be of benefit to others. These clothes will be given to the needy outside Singapore. 

Please take note due to the Covid-19 situation, we will not be accepting any usused clothes and soft toys in our office, in Singapore.