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Build an ablution place for those living in remote, rural areas 

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Amount to Give

Globally, Muslims perform 5 prayers (Salah) daily as our pillar of faith - regardless of ethnic, regional, or sectarian differences.

Prior to the Salah, one has to perform the wudhu as taught by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Wudhu is an act of washing one’s body in a certain order - first hands, then mouth, nose, face, hair and ears, and finally their ankles and feet. Despite it being a physical practice, Islamic scholars affirm there is a spiritual effect on oneself. That is to cleanse the spiritual impurities before admitting into a divine presence. 

Unfortunately, clean water is not easily accessible in rural areas. Today, 1 in 10 people on earth live without access to clean water causing them to consume polluted water which leads to diarrheal diseases.

Waqf an Ablution Place today to make clean water accessible for the needy 

This year we want to help Muslims in rural areas of Cambodia and Sri Lanka by building a total of 100 Ablution Place. An ablution place provides users with water for years and years for the community. It is more than just a means for prayer as it provides reliable access to clean water for everyone in the vicinity and thousands of lives could be saved each day. 

Build an ablution place in your name or the name of a loved one. You could also provide two names on each ablution place. Providing water in this way is a very good way of offering Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity) as the donor can expect to reap Allah's blessings for as long as villagers take ablution.

To date, we have built more than:


Ablution places built


Countries active

updated as of Jan 2022

Waqf an ablution place today, and you will receive: 

i) a certificate with the two names provided

ii) a report

iii) photos of the completed ablution place (est completion 3-4 months)

Countries Active: Cambodia, Sri Lanka

Read a story about how a boy, a teacher and an imam benefit from construction of ablution places in their community 




Give water to the thirsty, and perform a wonderful act of charity that will last for ten years or more. 

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