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Clean Water for Gaza

Deliver water tankers & provide a family with 1-year worth of water supply today

Amount to Give


Amount to Give


Why water?  

Almost 1 million people in Gaza have lost access to clean water due to the destruction of infrastructure and their homes. To them, clean water means the chance to fight back diseases and maintain basic hygiene standards.

Many women and children in Gaza are exposed to water-borne diseases like cholera and typhoid fever. The desperate recovery of vital services such as shelters and schools have been slow moving due to the lack of building materials, escalating the COVID-19 situation even further and threatening the lives of nearly 2-million people.

Even though a full lockdown has been imposed, social-distancing and quarantine measures have reportedly been extremely challenging to implement with citizens trying to get a hold of basic necessities. With the number of cases rising, health officials in Gaza have made known that they can no longer carry out coronavirus tests because of a lack of kits.

We aim to raise $200,000 to alleviate the suffering of 300 families in Gaza by providing them with safe and clean drinking water.

What can I do to help? 

We seek your support to fund the purchase and delivery of water tankers to these families. Each donation of $350 will provide a family with a 1 year supply of clean water (1000 litres monthly) for daily use. ​

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gazans, as we hope for their health and safety.

By contributing to this campaign, you can help:

  • Prevent deaths that are caused by contaminated water
  • Allow more time for girls to go to school instead of staying at home once a week each month
  • Allow communities to recover from the pandemic


Give water to the thirsty, and perform a wonderful act of charity that will last for ten years or more. 

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