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Ehsan Education Fund

Join our mission in opening new schools so more children can learn to build brighter futures. Your one step forward could present life-changing opportunities for millions of children.

Amount to Give


Amount to Give

Can you imagine life without the ability to read or write ?

Support Education for Future Generations

Education is the key that unlocks the potential of the next generation of leaders, doctors, teachers and change-makers. In developing countries, every additional year of education can increase a person’s future income by an average of 10%.

Education is a fundamental right for anybody. It is a proven route out of poverty. Not only does it benefit individuals economically it also contributes positively to society. More importantly it gives a child a ray of hope for a better future.

We believe that education is the doorway out of poverty. GER is a global non-profit charity specialising in sustainable education for less fortunate children and emergency education for refugees and internally displaced children.

Help To Open New Schools So More Children Learn To Build Brighter Futures

What can I do to help? Make An Impact As Part of A Group!

Donate from just $100 a month to our Ehsan Education Fund, and we’ll team you up with other supporters doing the same. Together you will build an entire school, and change lives for generations to come. We’ll send you a full feedback report upon completion of your school. They will be used for:

  • building new schools in remote areas for the poor, needy, orphans and refugees
  • providing daily meals for the most impoverished children
  • purchase of school materials, stationaries and uniforms
  • salaries of trained teachers
  • building libraries 
  • purchase of desk, chairs, IT equipment 
  • building of prayer places and rooms
  • providing water and latrine facilities

We believe that schooling is an integral part of child’s development and plays a vital role in poverty reduction. This is why we have implemented a program to open schools in areas where there are none. The education of many children in rural areas is challenged by long and dangerous journeys to and from school. Furthermore, the buildings are in poor condition, the quality of education is poor and there is a lack of water and latrine facilities.

List of schools we are supporting: 

  • Ma'had Ibnu Sina Boarding School for orphans in Indonesia
  • Idlib Girls Education Center for orphans in Northern Syria
  • School Container for Syrian Refugee Children in Jordan
  • School in a Bus for Syrian Refugee Children in Lebanon
  • Opening a New School project for underprivileged children in Pakistan
  • Opening a New School project for underprivileged children in Cambodia