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Send a child to school today, and sponsor their education

Amount to Give


Amount to Give

Send a child to school today

Around the world, more children and adolescents are attending classes on a regular school day. They receive the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain skills to equip themselves for a brighter future. We believe that every child has a right to learn but in many parts of the world, especially orphans, yet many have been denied this right.​

Poverty is one of the root causes. Most children without parents are denied this basic right even more due to insufficient financial resources. Without lifelong learning skills, these children will face greater challenges in excelling and employment opportunities. This vicious cycle has to stop.

We seek to lead the way in delivering development programmes through education and vocational training to restore stability to the lives of orphans and give them the support to lead their own lives. 

Donating a small amount of $30 a month will not only provide a child with education but will also change the lives of many generations to come. Join our efforts in helping these children learn. You will be raising funds for Stationery Kits, School Uniforms, School Fees


Education goes beyond saving lives. We urge you to join us in providing quality education to children around the world.

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