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Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

Aid urgently needed for displaced communities

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Amount to Give


Millions of Afghans are currently facing huge humanitarian needs brought about by the country’s worst-ever drought, food shortages, vulnerable healthcare system and the spread of COVID-19. According to the UN, 18 million people are currently facing a humanitarian disaster, while another 18 million could quickly join them. 

After withstanding decades of hardships, the Afghans are still facing challenges after challenges. They are becoming increasingly desperate, and millions of Afghans are at risk of losing essential medical care, in the middle of a growing pandemic. Alongside this, health centres are running out of medicines and more patients are being unattended to. Lives are being lost at a rapid rate. 

But you can help. You can provide immediate assistance to the people of Afghanistan.

UNHCR is urging the international community to urgently step up its support to respond to this latest Afghanistan displacement crisis

Shabia Mantoo, UNHCR Spokesperson

Support our response plan 

Urgent international action is critically needed to support millions of people with the basic necessities of life through the coming months. Basic services in the country are failing, while food and other life-saving aid are about to run out. 

Help us in providing the Afghans with humanitarian assistance at a very crucial time for them. Together, we can provide relief for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, giving them basic necessities such as water, food, sanitation and hygiene interventions.

  • Clean water for drinking and sanitation - $15
  • Providing hygiene kits - $25
  • Baby Nutrition Pack - $30 
  • 4 sets of Blankets - $60 
  • Delivering a food aid pack - $100
  • Providing temporary shelter items such as blankets, mattresses - $1000

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