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Monthly Giving Programme (GEMs)

Give every month and help to bring an impact in the lives of the most needy

Amount to Give


Amount to Give


Give Every Month

Join our community of monthly donors - GEMs (Give Every Month) and help us create life changing projects  for thousands of people. Helping individuals, families and communities build lives free from extreme poverty and misery. Your generous monthly donations will automatically support our work around the world. 

By joining our GEMs program, you will be helping orphans get access to education, empower widows to support their children, provide clean water to the refugees around the world. More than that, your decision to give is the first form of aid response to the global crisis. Exchange your daily cup of coffee today for someone else's meal.

Your generous donations will enable us to reach thousands of people and provide hope, happiness and promote good health.

How Can I Participate?

Joining GEMs is so easy. Just choose your monthly giving below from just $10! Our monthly giving program will support our mission of creating a world where charity and compassion produce justice, self-reliance and human development. Your donation goes towards building mosques, providing meals and clean water, distributing the Quran and help provide immediate Emergency Relief for refugees and in conflict areas.

Your donation allows us to respond immediately to global crisis

AFGHANISTAN EMERGENCY APPEAL: Your monthly donation allows us to respond immediately to global crisis

PAKISTAN: Your monthly donation allows us to constantly provide meals monthly to the needy

GAZA: Your monthly donation allows us to constantly supply clean water to refugees

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