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Ibnu Sina Integrated Boarding School

Join us in our efforts to refurbish the school for orphans, needy and the underprivileged. 

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Amount to Give

Ibnu Sina Integrated Boarding School

The new facilities will provide the students with a conducive environment to learn.

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An Integrated school with Tahfiz, Entrepreneurship, and IT programs inculcated.  

Ma'had Ibnu Sina was built after the earthquake and Tsunami disaster striked in Aceh, back in 2005. It is an integrated Islamic boarding school with the purpose of educating poor orphans and underprivileged children victims, who had lost a parent. The school is located southwest of Aceh in the Kuala Batee district. We currently house and school 44 children from the ages of 7-18 years, with 25 boys and 19 girls.


With the full support of Global Ehsan Relief, Ibnu Sina's integrated Islamic boarding school has now changed its name to Ma'had Ibnu Sina Global Ehsan Relief (MT.ISGER), with the motto of Science, Adab, Amal, Taqwa. We are determined to continue the mandate of its founders to form young Muslim scholars with noble morals and the ability to contribute and strive in the modern world.

Our Mission

To nurture the young generation with the guiding principles of Adab, Ilmu, Amal, Taqwa. We aim to equip students with a modern approach to seek the redha of Allah swt. With religious knowledge, they can preach and innovate. With Arabic and English, they can communicate efficiently. With knowledge of technology, they can integrate with the modern world.

Our Curriculum

Students enrolled will be undergoing the national curriculum that includes English language, science subjects and social science subjects; the Ma'had curriculum includes Arabic language, Kitab hadith, Tafsir Quran and Usul Fiqh.  Additional programs such as Tahfiz, Entrepreneurship and IT will be added further to empower the students.

Funding Needed

Help us to raise SGD $14,500 for the initial phase of refurbishment. Other than its facilities, the mosque, as well as the teacher's quarters needs repairing.  Your monthly donation covers the refurbishments of each phase.


to provide a conducive learning environment 

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