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Iftar Meals - Worldwide

Provide ready to eat hot meals to the most needy around the world  during the blessed month of Ramadhan.

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provide iftar meals Around the world

Together, let's provide a plate of iftar meals to the needy, refugees, widows and children this Ramadhan. With your support, we can provide iftar meals in Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Cameroon and more. 
Let's make a difference and share our happiness with the most needy families all around the world.

Provide ready to eat hot iftar meals to the most needy around the world


You will be providing iftar to the most needy in Asia, Africa, Middle East - including Rohingya refugees, Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey

Help to provide daily iftar meals around the world.

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Alhamdulillah, 500 Syrian families, refugees are able to break their fast this week. Thanks to your donation, they received iftar meals for over 2 days. We are still fundraising to provide more families this Ramadhan.

Share your blessings by sharing a plate with a refugee. No donation is too small, donate today.

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