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Mosque Refurbishment

Many mosques in rural areas lack basic amenities such as water supply or are too run-down to be utilised. Help us to refurbish a mosque today. 

Amount to Give


Amount to Give



Join our efforts in refurbishing existing mosques. We are aiming to improve the condition of the mosques in multiple ways including structural work, replacing the flooring, and purchase of furniture. Currently, our refurbishment works are only in Indonesia but we are planning to expand further. Your donation will help to unite communities and build a culture of learning and studying the Quran.

Mosque Refurbishment cost: 

  • SGD $4,500 - Small mosque
  • SGD $5,500 - Medium mosque
  • SGD $6,500 - Large mosque

To refurbish a masjid at full cost, drop us an email at [email protected]

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Kampung Lamklat Mosque

Alhamdulillah with the support of our donors, the Muslim community in the village of Banda Aceh are able to pray in congregation comfortably after its refurbishment in 2022. The Kampung Lamklat Mosque was previously run-down as the musollah was built around 12 years ago.

Most of its people living there are poor and some are considered Fakir miskin. Unfortunately, even before the refurbishment of the mosque, it was a challenge to perform congregational prayers as there was no indication of segregated prayer spaces for men and women. The toilet and ablution place were covered with stubborn stains and dirt, and it was clear that it has not been well maintained.Alhamdulillah with the effort of the team, the tiles looked much cleaner and whiter.

Today families from the surrounding villages are also able to join them for prayers and bond as a community.

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