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Create a buzz about GER in your area.

You know your friends right? - there’s the loud one, the funny one, the shy one? Well that’s what it’s like to volunteer for Global Ehsan Relief - except it’s more like a family- a big mix of personalities from all backgrounds and communities but with one aim- to serve humanity and to help our brothers and sister escape a life of poverty across the world.

Could you help us?

  • Are you 16 years and older?

  • Are you passionate about tackling global poverty?

  • Do you live in Australia?

Can you help us with...

Administration, Event Planning, IT Techonology, Marketing, Graphic Designs, Seasonal Assistants and much more.

Why we need you?


Why you should volunteer for us?

  • Its not just about collecting money- we need your brains, creativity, organisational skills or anything else you can bring to the table. We are always open to new ideas!

  • Whether its mosque collections, fundraising events or mad cap stunts, it’s all about helping those in need.

  • You will be treated as staff and welcomed at the GER head office -come and meet the team and see what we do.

  • Its great experience to put on your CV.

  • You could be the leader of the pack by coordinating the volunteers in your area.You’re street savvy, you know your community better than us and you can help us reach people that we would not normally be able to reach.  With your fantastic people skills, you could help us get people talking (and donating of course!) about development issues. It also means that we can use our people and our resources here in Sydney, making us more cost efficient, which means an extra well, an extra iftar meal or extra mosquito net for someone overseas.

We want you to be the face of GER and tell people who we are and how we need their support. We never underestimate the importance of our volunteers, they are the back bone of MAA and have helped us change lives across the world.

How do I become a volunteer?

  1. Register to be a GER volunteer now through the Sign in link at the bottom of the page

  2. Fill out all your details to see how you can help us.

  3. We will get back to you ASAP!