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Give a loaf of bread weekly to help end world hunger

Amount to Give


Amount to Give

Give a loaf of bread to help end world hunger 

With over 10.8 million affected by the current crisis and are in need of humanitarian assistance, our international partners have established a bakery in Gaza and Yemen supporting 1,000 orphaned, needy families monthly who have lost their breadwinner.

The establishment of the "Care Bakeries" has had a positive impact on the poor suburbs – not only is the bakery providing families with bread packs, it is also providing a livelihood for the local community. In Palestine, bread or "Khobez" is the staple diet that millions rely on every day.

However, as a result of the global crisis, thousands of people do not have the means to purchase their daily supply of bread. To make matters worse, many bakeries have been destroyed as a result of the ongoing conflict. 

Our Care Bakeries now make Khobez and package a few pieces into one bread pack which we then deliver weekly. The bread is without preservatives, which means it’s more nutritious for the orphans! $80 will provide 200 loaves a month or 50 loaves a week - enough to feed a family of 5. Support our cause in ending world hunger.


Countries Active :  GAZA , SYRIA & YEMEN


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Are you commemorating a special event soon? Celebrate a birthday, wedding, or anniversary while supporting our Give A Loaf of Bread to end world hunger. With GER, you can give a truly meaningful gift. 

your donations delivered during ramadhan

Each day, our Global Ehsan Relief bread factory in Yemen provides bread to 5,000 local Yemenis to combat hunger. 

Make it a monthly gift and support our work all year round!

For $80, you are able to deliver loaves of bread to a family for over a month. Commit to a cause by choosing to deliver bread monthly. The best deeds are those which are consistent even if they are a few as mentioned in the hadith narrated by Ibn Majah.

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Give a loaf of bread weekly to help end world hunger

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