Imagine walking to the mosque. Taking wudhu' in the ablution area. Performing prayers in congregation. These are actions which you may have performed, but Muslims in Cameroon have never experienced. But you can give them that opportunity. 

Praying in a mosque is a dream yet to be realised. 

Do you know that 3 out of 7 people in Cameroon are Muslims? They mostly live in rural areas as farmers or cattlemen where the poverty trap exists. They struggle due to structural underdevelopment and recurring climatic hazards hinder growth for local communities. 

You can give them a chance to pray in a mosque today by building Masjid As-Sakinah. Your donation will nurture their spiritual development and create a religious, social and community hubs. Allow children to learn Islamic knowledge, initiate open forums in the community and encourage everyone from different walks of life to come to the house of Allah. As long as the mosque functions, you reap endless rewards of the waqf mosque. 

Illustration image of As-Sakinah Mosque

As-Sakinah Mosque

  • Location: Yaoundé

  • Dimension: 15 x 15 metre

  • Medium size mosque which fits approximately 350 people


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