More than seven years of economic crisis have brought the Palestinian economy to the verge of collapse. Living levels have dropped considerably and levels of poverty, deprivation and unemployment are increasing rapidly throughout the territories. A majority of Palestinians, 67%, live below the income poverty line valued as $2, and about half of them 39 %, live in extreme poverty.

In Gaza Strip, more than 70% of households live below the poverty line, and depend on Aids from NGOs and internationally agencies. A savage war hit Gaza in the eighth day of Ramadan last year (2014), killed more than 1900 person, injured around 10,000 person, destroyed over than 10,000 home and enforced thousands of people to evacuate from their homes leaving everything behind them. These people till now are staying in parks, around hospital and in streets without a penny to buy their essential needs.


Of the 1.8  million people in Gaza, 80% depend
on humanitarian aid...


According to the latest studies on orphans, there are about
53,000 orphans in Gaza alone...

The terrible toll on civilians is shocking. Hospitals and water supplies are under massive strain and the needs are increasing by the day. The bad economic and social situation in Gaza has multiplied the poverty rate to its highest level. Water, food and electricity shortages has  become worse.


All of that is an important reason to why we are going to implement various projects and helping as many people as we can, by sponsorship to the most needy families, and give them a better health and living environment.


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