To deliver aid and development programmes to those who need it most in an efficient and effective way without prejudice to people’s religion, sex, age or ethnic background. We aim to spearhead a project to alleviate the pain of those less fortunate than us - especially the orphans - and together help to make a difference and put a smile back on their faces, insya-Allah.


Losing one or both parents is traumatic for any child in any situation. Each year, millions of children are orphaned due to conflict, famine, and diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

Our collaboration with reliable and credible Islamic Relief Agencies worldwide like Ethar Relief, Penny Appeal, Ummah Welfare Trust, Muslim Aid, YKU Aceh and Rumah Yatim will help support orphans in more than 20 countries worldwide.


Over 100,000 orphans worldwide are currently in need of support to ensure that they finish school and have enough money for food, healthcare and household necessities.


This project aims to improve the living conditions of orphans and to organise social activities for orphans and their families. Orphans will receive clothes, school bags and books, notebooks and other school materials.

The Prophet (peace be upon Him) said:

"I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,"

 (putting his index and middle fingers together)

Saheeh al-Bukhari

hifz orphans sponsorship.png

$80 monthly | $900 yearly

Hifz Orphan Sponsorship Programme

Food Sponsorship.png

$30 monthly

Food Sponsorship

non hifz orphans sponsorship.png

     $80 monthly | $900 yearly

Orphan Sponsorship Programme

Umrah for Orphans.png

$1200 for an Orphan

Umrah for Orphans

education sponsorship.png

$30 monthly

Education Sponsorship

Given the opportunity of going back to school, these orphans could develop practical skills, which would enable their communities to break out of the cycle of poverty. Of the many members of society, orphans are among the most vulnerable. This is particularly true in countries where there is little social support and where services are largely inadequate.

The noble values which Islam has laid out can be summarily understood by looking at the importance the religion has given to looking after orphans. 

Our orphans are supported in

Albania - Aceh - Afghanistan - Bangladesh - Burma - Chechnya - Cambodia - Eritrea - Gambia - India Indonesia - Kashmir - Palestine/Gaza - Philippines - Somalia - Pakistan


Monthly Sponsorship


Sponsor 2 Orphans 

for a year


Sponsor 1 Orphan

for a year


Sponsor 3 Orphans 

for a year

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