Of the many members of society, orphans are among the most vulnerable. This is particularly true in countries where there is little social support and where services are largely inadequate.


The noble values which Islam has laid out can be summarily understood by looking at the importance the religion has given to looking after orphans. 

'I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,' (putting his index and middle fingers together). - Saheeh al-Bukhari

Our aim is to spearhead a project to alleviate the pain of those less fortunate than us - especially the orphans - and together help to make a differance and put a smile back on their faces, insya-Allah.

Our mission is to deliver aid and development programmes to those who need it most in an efficient and effective way without prejudice to people’s religion, sex, age or ethnic background.

Orphan Aid Project Overview:

Losing one or both parents is traumatic for any child in any situation. Each year, millions of children are orphaned due to conflict, famine, and diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

Our collaboration with reliable and credible Islamic Relief Agencies worldwide like Ethar Relief, Penny Appeal, Ummah Welfare Trust, Muslim Aid, YKU Aceh and Rumah Yatim will help support orphans in more than 20 countries worldwide.


Over 100,000 orphans worldwide are currently in need of support to ensure that they finish school and have enough money for food, healthcare and household necessities.


This project aims to improve the living conditions of orphans and to organise social activities for orphans and their families. Orphans receive clothes, school bags and books, notebooks and other school materials.


Orphans are supported in Albania, Aceh, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Chechnya, Cambodia, Eritrea, Gambia, India, Indonesia, Kashmir, Palestine/Gaza, Philippines, Somalia, Syria, and Pakistan. 


Given the opportunity of going back to school, these orphans could develop practical skills, which would enable thier communities to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Orphan Sponsorship
Hifz Orphan Sponsorship
Orphan Sponsorship II
Orphan Food Sponsorship
Orphan Education
Building an Orphanage Sponsorship
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An orphan in Islam is defined as a child who has lost his father or both of his parents. In Arabic, an orphan is called a yateem. Currently, according to UNICEF, there are approximately 150 million orphans worldwide


The number of young children being orphaned is increasing: families torn apart through war, poverty, hunger and disease. Exploitation and abuse are rife. The world sees the problem in its vastness. We see millions of individuals each being denied a future with opportunities. 

Alhamdulillah, Global Ehsan Relief together with its international partners supports thousands of orphans, helping safeguard their iman and providing them a chance where there one was not.


he project includes children's education, health support, provision of shelter and sanitary latrines shelter and practical training for widows. These include a high quality education, medical treatment, support for the family or guardian, dietary needs, and clothing and transport.


Widows and orphans are usually amongst the poorest of the poor. Orphans from destitute families are often deprived of their rights and are often survive in extreme poverty, homelessness, neglect and remain largely uncared for.


Sponsorship provides orphans and their families with enough money to cover their basic needs including food, shelter, healthcare and education.


Like all children, orphans too dream of happiness and success.


Let us all make a differance in their lives.  The sponsorship programme will ensure that orphans’ social, financial and educational needs are met.


Transforming a life costs us little but ensures us a place in Paradise inshaAllah. It is a means of continuous charity as the donor receives rewards for all the good that the sponsored child does.

The cost of sponsoring an orphan is $80 per month or $960 per annum.


Gain reward beyond measure by helping an orphan become hafiz.


You can gain reward by supporting an orphan child. And you can gain reward by helping someone become hafiz of the Holy Qur’an. The reward for doing both could be immeasurable.

Hifz Orphan is a unique three year sponsorship programme that gives orphans the quality care they need to build a brighter future and supports them in reading, learning and memorising the Holy Qur’an.

Special hifz classes for our orphans are small in size and led by experienced teachers using modern techniques. By the end of the programme the children can recite with beautiful tajweed, and they then get additional support to continue in Islamic or mainstream education, or to start an apprenticeship. 

All our hifz orphans get the same benefits of our Orphan sponsorship programme too – nutritious meals each day, clothing and school uniform, healthcare and a dedicated foster mother – all in a loving, caring home.

You can help an orphan child become hafiz of the Holy Qur’an for just
$80 a month or $960 a year 

“The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others.”



Your support provides a student with the financial means to complete what is usually a three-year course. It is one of the best forms of Sadaqah Jariyah and the donor can expect to receive Allah's blessings so long as the recipient remains alive. If the recipient has passed on his learning before his death, then the rewards continue through the vehicle of his students. 


GER with its partners will provide you with an annual progress report about the development of the student you sponsor, insyaAllah.

Orphans Sponsorship Program includes the following:

1) Upon first contribution, you will receive a welcome letter to acknowledge your start of Orphan Sponsorship programme

2) For the fourth month of contribution, you will receive a welcome package consisting of orphan's profile, orphan's photo,

     letter/drawing from orphan.

3) Progress report


One of the most chronic needs in the orphanages we are supporting in over 12 countires, is good, nutritious food for the orphans or orphan families. There are tens of thousands of orphans who are in need of your generous food sponsorships. If you can't help all, help at least one.


Sponsor food for an orphan for just $1 a day or $30 a month per child.

Orphans Food Sponsorship


We believe that every child has a right to basic education but in many parts of of the world, especially orphans, many have been denied this right.


Hundreds of thousands of orphans have not been attending school for the last four years.


We seek to lead the way in delivering development programmes through education and vocational training to restore stability to the lives of orphans and give them the support to lead their own lives.


Donating a small amount of $30 a month will not only provide a child with education but will also change the lives of many generations to come.  


1. Sponsor $30 - provides essential school supplies for 1 month
2. Sponsor Of Teachers Salary - $300 per month

Orphans Education Sponsorship


Help build an orphanage

You could help provide a safe, loving home for many orphans by being part of a new orphanage build.

For just $100 you can support us in building new orphanages in Kashmir, Pakistan. Gambia, Gaza & Philippines. You will help to build brighter futures for vulnerable children for years to come.

From your $100 donation will bring much more than simply providing a physical piece of an orphanage – it means contributing to the building blocks of a happy childhood and a brighter future.Your $100 donation helps to fund the initial development costs of the orphanage build – buying the land and materials, paying the applicable taxes and wages for the construction workers – and also contributes towards the ongoing costs and liabilities – utilities supplies, staff wages and maintenance. 


Help to build an orphanage for : $50, $100, $200

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