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Food Aid

Without the food aid packs, it is difficult for these families to get by each day as they live in poverty and struggle with hunger.

Amount to Give


Amount to Give


Help to provide Refugee food assistance 

The disrupt in the world food chain due to the economic recession are posing even greater challenges for the refugees. The basic supplies needed to survive are depleting and becoming almost unattainable.

One of the ways that you can help us provide much-needed aid is by donating a food parcel that could last them for at least a month.​

By donating, you are providing vital supplies and provisions to these people. It is our first response to crisis and we aim to help as many people as possible. To date, your support has enabled us to send aid to starving children, helpless widows, and vulnerable elderlies.


29, 206

Sets distributed


Families helped


Among them Children

Each food parcel generally contains rice, flour, oil, lentils, pulses, spices, tea, sugar, vegetables, dates, soap, and sanitation products. We also ensure all the produce is sourced locally with a focus on nutritional benefit and longevity. Many rely on your generosity to feed their families month by month. Help us to provide basic nutrition for those suffering from starvation across the world in the Middle East and Africa.


Alleviate hunger by providing a food aid pack for the most needy families around the world.

Each food aid pack can feed a family of 5-7 for a month.

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