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Clean Water for Gaza

Deliver water tankers & provide a family with 1-year worth of water supply today

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Amount to Give


Since 2015, the conflict in Gaza has destroyed the region, disrupting one of the most basic needs of survival - water.

Today, less than 50% of households have access to a clean water supply.  Sanitation and clean drinking water are now scarce, placing over 1 million people at risk. Water filtration systems are broken, spreading raw sewage and transferring bacteria and disease. The only way to obtain clean water is through an expensive water desalination system, which is not feasible for the poverty-stricken community.

Our mission is to bring clean drinking water to each person living in the Gaza Strip. We are aiming to provide a long-term, sustainable solution that could provide 24-hour access not only to residents but to hospitals, masjids, schools through the following:

  • Distributing 150 water tanks (500-litre capacity) with clean water supply


The project will benefit 150 families under the lockdown, especially those who belong to female-headed families, families with newborns, disabled, and medical care cases. Together with our partners, we will provide them with clean drinking water for the entire year. 

Your support will help us save and improve the lives of people living in desperate conditions. It will relieve a burden upon their shoulders and ease their daily lives, dramatically reducing the risk of dehydration and disease. 

Your donation of $325 will help to provide a family with 1000 litres a month. It covers the project implementation costs, the logistics, staff fee working on the ground, and the administrative costs involved. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gazans, as we hope for their health and safety. By contributing to this campaign, you can help prevent deaths that are caused by contaminated water. You are also allowing sustainable and equitable access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, and the elimination of open defecation. Donate today. 

Our track record: 


Families benefitted

1,800,000 ℓ

clean water supplied


Give water to the thirsty, and perform a wonderful act of charity that will last for ten years or more. 

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