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Mobile School Container, Jordan

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For one year, GER has supported the education of Syrian refugee children living in random camps in Jordan, close to the Syrian border. These children have fled war in Syria and not had access to learning which is detrimental to their growth and development. 

The school students have now successfully passed the first academic year 2018/2019 and almost completed the second academic year 2019/2020. They have learnt English language, principles of religion, science, reading and writing. 

Children are taught the Syrian curricula in order to properly prepare them for their future so they are equipped when they return home to Syria and able to continue learning. 

Join us in our efforts to bring education to Syrian refugees .

Brief Background

Background Location

This project is to serve poor & orphaned Syrian Refugee children aged 6-16years old at Sabha Syrian Camp. 

Education Aims

For one year, GER has been supporting the education of Syrian refugee children living in random camps in Jordan. We aim to continue securing the education of 36 children for their growth & development.

Its curriculum covers Arabic, English, Math, Islamic religion & Qur'aan, Science, Art and lifeskills. The first batch of students are completing their second academic year 2019/2020.

Funding Needed

A total of $34,000 is needed to sustain for a year. It covers students' education materials; transportation; daily meals; and the teachers' wages apart from administrative costs. 


Sponsor the Orphans. One-time donation. or Monthly to sustain. State the impact your donation will make. In 3 sentence if possible.

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