There are more than 70.8 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, including 41.3 million internally displaced persons (IDPs), 25.9 million refugees and 3.5 million asylum seekers. With the corona virus literally shaking the entire world , unfortunately our brothers and sisters who are stranded in refugee camps (Rohingya refugees, Syrian refugees, IDPs in Gaza, Somalia) do not stand a chance of what is about to come their way. The most powerful of nations can NOT even handle this epidemic - how will the helpless and homeless refugees handle this crisis?  With the already worsening conditions everywhere, they need our help more than ever. 


Unfortunately, due to the lack of education and medical resources, if we do not quickly take proactive measures to educate and provide medical assistance/kits, it will spread very quickly and will result in thousands or hundreds of thousands of deaths.  Although the spread of the virus can NOT be 100% prevented,  With proactive preventive measures, the virus contact CAN be minimised. We want to prevent the spread of COVID-19 before it gets much worse and gets to the point that where it is not manageable at all. 


Please help - even if it is $1 literally every penny counts. Imagine your small gift saving just 1 LIFE - how would you feel? Do this for the sake of Allah and see how Allah will help you in these difficult times.

Our particular areas of focus:

  • Elderly who are unable to get livelihood and are at most risk from the Coronavirus

  • Confirmed cases who are critically ill and their families needing help

  • Daily Wage Earners who are unable to put food for their families and are on the verge of complete starvation 

  • Women who are supporting their families and because of this epidemic are simply unable to put food for their families

Our 2 main areas of support:

  • Providing critical food rations to those on the verge of starvation

  • Paying for medical care for those patients who are unable to pay for themselves


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