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Join our mission in making education accessible to orphans and refugees living in remote areas. Your one step forward could present life-changing opportunities for millions of children.

Reviving Education in Post-Covid Era

Never before have millions of children been out of school. Due to the global pandemic, many significant improvements made in global education has been jeopardized. Today, some 4 million refugees do not have access to education - that is more than half of those of school age. It is unacceptable that their right to education has been stripped away. 


In-line with International Day of Education, we want to encourage inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all. With this in mind, we are welcoming financial support to sponsor education to these 5 schools.

Mobile School Container in Jordan


For a year now, we have been supporting the education of Syrian refugee children in Jordan.

Due to limited resources and the remote location of their camps, we built a school container with hopes that they could learn, develop their potential and build collective resilience.

3GER Syrian Refugees School.jpg

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