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this Ramadhan

The blessed month of Ramadan is just around the corner, and what better way to enhance ourselves than to feed the poor and remember those who are forgotten. Ramadan is an opportunity to give charity, show generosity and mercy to those around us, most notably the poor.  Feeding those in need carries great weight in blessings, especially in this holy month. Allah Swt names those who feed the poor as ‘The righteous’

‘The righteous are those who feed the poor, the orphan and the captive for the love of God’

(Al-Insan 76:8-9)

Every Ramadan your donations help us share food with families who regularly go hungry. This year the coronavirus pandemic means even more people are at risk of hunger and disease. Help us deliver Ramadan food packs and iftar meals to those who are hit the hardest. Share your Ramadan. Donate today.

Last year, we distributed food to 50,000 people in over 15 countries, including some of the most difficult places to access like Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. This year the challenges will be even greater as more people struggle to access food or earn a living due to the lockdown. Global Ehsan Relief is adapting our global distribution plans to keep people safe.


Our Ehsan Ramadhan 2021 Packages

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Ramadhan Food Aid Packs

Provide food aid packs that can feed needy families in 20 countries for a month


Ramadhan Iftar Meals

Feed the fasting with dailly nutritious meals in 20 countries

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Iftar & Sahur Meals - Last 10 Nights

Get immeasurable rewards on the last 10 nights of Ramadhan


Support An Orphan This Ramadhan

Sponsor an orphan this Ramadhan or support them with meals or education

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Ramadhan Wakaf Projects

Send a thousand blessings with Wakaf Masjid, Wakaf Quran, Wakaf Quran Braille

Eid Gifts For Orphans

Bring joy and smiles to the lives of thousands of orphans this Eid with your gifts for them 

Ramadhan 30 Days Challenge

Automate your giving every day in the blessed month and never miss getting a reward

Ramadhan Challenge - Last 10 Nights

Automate your giving. Never miss Lailatul Qadr with 10 Nights of Ehsan

A glimpse back to Ramadan 2020

Last year with your support, we managed to provide 50,000 people with food and meals for a month.

This enabled those who were fasting to break their fasts with a warm, nutritious meal.

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