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Provide a family with the means to purchase food for themselves.

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Amount to Give


Gaza is home to approximately 2 million people, including 1.4 million Palestine refugees. Over the past decade, 38 percent of Gazans live in poverty and food insecurity affects more than half the population. Thousands have been left unemployed by the blockade and are unable to provide for their families, resulting in countless Gazan children risking their lives every day to smuggle goods through the tunnels under the border with Egypt.

(Source: AlJazeera)

The restrictions of imported goods have been made worse by the tighter restrictions imposed on to Gazan fishermen, limiting their fishing activities where most fish are only found at least 16 kilometres out at sea. The result is almost 90 percent of fishermen relying on international aid.

Why Food Vouchers?  

By sponsoring food vouchers to the poorest families in Gaza, you will be enabling them to pick and choose their own groceries and cook a hot meal for their kin. A $100 donation ensures an entire month’s worth of groceries for a family of 5 to 7. Compared to food aid pack, they will be able to choose the items based on their needs. Help us to sponsor 50 of the poorest families in Gaza and help alleviate their hunger. Country that benefitted : Gaza  





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Give water to the thirsty, and perform a wonderful act of charity that will last for ten years or more.

Wakaf Abolution Place appeal you ensure no family goes without.

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