Response plan:

Phase 00



Response plan:

Phase 01

On 4th January afternoon, our team in Malaysia responded to the emergency at Mersing district in Johore. More than 30 victims are isolated without access to transportation and boats are the only means to escape. Water levels were observed at 10 feet high, and if the rain persists it may trigger a second flooding. Fortunately, the elderly and children are settled safely.

We have distributed dry ingredients, vegetables and raw meats to the most needed. They are grateful for the immediate assistance, however, there are more victims stranded and we can only help with your support.


Response plan:

Phase 02

Our 2nd efforts were on 6th January at Kangkar Tebrau to 140 families victim. Dry items were given, namely; rice, tea, sugar, flour, milk, mee hoon, Maggie, biscuits, soy sauce and cooking oil. According to the team, there are more than 200 locals and 250 Rohingyan refugees who are still in need of help. Alhamdulillah, we are the first NGO to extend our help. 


Response plan:

Phase 03

For our 3rd response, we have assisted the victims at Jengka town in the state of Pahang between 12th to 13th January. Our team have visited the most affected villages namely Kelola Village, Bukit Nikmat Village and Labu Village, to distribute the items. We received a report that all the electrical items are spoilt and the mattresses are damaged.

Due to this, we have added in cleaning tools such as water suction to clean their house as well as hygiene kits to protect themselves from the current pandemic. Other items include baby milk & diapers, as well as adult diapers.


Alhamdulillah, together we have helped a total of 120 families victims across these 3 villages.



Response plan:

Phase 00


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