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Part of GER’s work is responding to crises and emergencies around the globe by providing immediate assistance to help victims cope with the aftermath of the disasters.

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“So many buildings crumbled and shattered. There are residents trapped in isolated places … so we are under the assumption that the number of people injured and deaths will rise with time.”

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake in West Java has killed more than 150 people - with the death toll expected to rise further - and injured hundreds of others. The powerful quake struck the town of Cianjur, where its residents live mostly in towns of single and two-storey buildings and in smaller homes in the surrounding countryside. The area where the quake struck is densely populated and prone to landslides, with poorly built houses reduced to rubble in many areas.

More than 13,000 people had their homes heavily damaged and were taken to evacuation centres. Many who lost their lives were public school students who had completed their classes and were taking extra lessons at several Islamic schools when they collapsed.

Picture From : BBC News ( REUTERS)


With rescuers searching for survivors trapped under the rubble, Global Ehsan Relief is working to provide emergency aid to the displaced.

Donate now to provide life-saving food aid, baby milk formula, shelters and blankets to the communities affected by this catastrophe in Indonesia.

donate now and save lives today

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