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Part of GER’s work is responding to crises and emergencies around the globe by providing immediate assistance to help victims cope with the aftermath of the disaster.

Currently, we are focusing on the recent devastating Snowstorm that has hit countries in the Middle-East such as Syria and Lebanon. 

Find out how you can provide immediate relief below:


snowstorm in syria and lebanon 

Heavy snowfall in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan has wreaked havoc on Syrian refugee camps in the Idlib and Aleppo governorates in northwest Syria, as well as the Arsal region in northeastern Lebanon. The snowstorm has caused devastating damage to the camps, tents, and personal possessions of the people who have been displaced.

As of 19 January, 362 tents were reported destroyed and 2,124 individuals (429 families) were affected. Abraz Camp in the Ma'btali subdistrict in Afrin was badly affected and families were quickly evacuated to safer shelter, including the camp's administrative building, a nearby school and the Abraz village. 

THE severe reality:


tents were reported damaged


Syrian Refugees in Lebanon live in slums

Moreover, the damage to the camps resulted in the relocation of hundreds of people, some of whom were relocated to other locations as a result of the devastation. It also wreaked havoc on the property of the family and ruined a lot of the shelter supplies in the tents, which were soaked in the lower levels. The storm's duration, which might last up to ten days, is predicted to exacerbate the damage.

Humanitarian situation overview :

  •  There are about 6.7 million IDPs in Syria, including more than 1.5 million people living in camps that lack adequate shelter conditions.
  • An estimated 33% of IDPs in Syria live under inadequate shelter conditions, including damaged and/or unfinished buildings, public buildings such as schools, and other non-residential buildings. 
  • More than 80,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon live in slums in the snow-prone Arsal region, which rises more than 1,500 meters above sea level. 
  • Their humanitarian needs range from non-food items to shelter supplies such as blankets, winter clothing sets for adults and children, heating stoves, heating fuel, mattresses and kitchen sets.
  • The areas most in need of non-food aid and shelter supplies are the camps and slums.


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