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Part of GER’s work is responding to crises and emergencies around the globe by providing immediate assistance to help victims cope with the aftermath of the disasters.

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“The situation in this country is becoming worse, we are experiencing numerous challenges.” 

Right now, Sri Lanka is going through a massive economic and political turmoil - one of its worst economic crises since independence in 1948. The country’s 22 million people endure rampant food inflation, chronic shortages of cooking gas and petrol, long queues for fuel and lengthy power cuts every day.

According to the World Food Programme, five million Sri Lankans have been forced to skip meals just to get by, as a result of the dire conditions. Nine of out 10 people are dependent on state handouts.

Several hundred thousand children are suffering from waste due to insufficient food. 


Global Ehsan Relief is preparing to send urgent aid over to the communities in Sri Lanka. We hope to increase the food availability for the hungry and reduce the burden on these families. We aim to deliver food aid packs for 1,000 families, 5,000 cooked meals and 500 packs of baby milk.



Up to 20 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Eritrea are facing extreme hardship and food shortages as a result of an exceptionally long and severe drought, along with insecurity, economic challenges and conflict. 

Delayed rains are worsening an already brutal drought in what is known as the Horn of Africa - a large peninsula in East Africa. This could possibly mark the longest drought the region has experienced in four decades, and millions of Africans will bear the severe consequences.

The current drought hitting East Africa has been particularly unrelenting towards small-scale farmers and herders who were already vulnerable to climate-related blows. 

In Somalia, six million Somalis - almost half of the population - were already facing extreme levels of food crisis and if conditions do not improve, they could face the risk of famine in the coming months.  

While hope rests on seasonal rains in the region over the coming weeks, the forecast is not promising.

In Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia alone, nearly 14 million peopleabout half of them children are severely food insecure and trying to survive scorching temperatures and climate-impacted crises that are becoming more frequent and intense.



  • Millions of families are gravely affected and Global Ehsan Relief aims to provide urgent and immediate aid to these communities. 

  • You can join our efforts in providing crucial aid by contributing to our Global Emergency Response, where we will be giving water, food, cooked meals, baby needs and hygiene kits to the affected communities in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia who are on the verge of a huge humanitarian catastrophe.

donate now and save lives today

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