Global Orphan Care

Giving extra support to thousands of orphans and widows on a global scale

Amount to Give


Amount to Give


Why should you care?

Every child needs a safe environment to develop, but orphans especially do. It is more likely that if orphans are taken care of, they will break the cycle of poverty and bring change to underdeveloped areas by providing them with the necessities like food, clean clothing, and access to education.

The majority of the time, widowed moms are unable to care for their orphaned children when their fathers pass away, thus the children are placed in orphanages. In order to give their kids a better start in life, these widows trusted the orphanage to care for, clothe, and educate them. However, a lot of orphanages are either overcrowded or lack the necessary resources and supplies for the orphans, which means that a lot of kids need more help.

Your impact on how they live

Your donation to Global Orphan Care caN PROVIDE HELP IN THESE WAYS: 

  • Clothe hundreds of orphans
  • Feed orphanages for months
  • Give treatment to the severely or terminally sick
  • Improve livelihoods in schools by building more classrooms
  • Provide opportunities for more children to receive proper education
  • Boost the morale of villages by building better homes
  • Put widows at ease who worry about feeding their children

How will your money be spent?

  • $10 per month will go towards improving all areas of a child’s life, providing what’s needed to create a stable and steady lifestyle.

  • A donation of $30 pays for an orphan rescue kit, helping them to get back on their feet and settle into life in the orphanage.

  • A $70 donation provides enough clothing for 10 orphans, ensuring they are comfortable during the hot summers.

How else can I SUPPORT? 

We also offer Orphan Sponsorship and Hifz Orphan Sponsorship from $80 a month.  Your donations enable us to offer a brighter future for the members of society that commonly get left behind, you'll help widows and orphans rise out of poverty and live comfortably with the basic resources all human beings should have access to.

We are grateful to all of our donors for funding our orphans and supporting our charitable endeavors because without your donations, we wouldn't be able to assist as many orphans and children in need as we do. With your help, we aspire to reach even more communities and give hope to children all around the world who are in need.


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