In northeastern Tanzania, Tanga, a maternity ward is being built to provide women with quality care for childbirth.  But, it can only happen with your help! 


Construction is ceasing due to insufficient funding. The Mlalo Hospital is one of the 3 hospitals in the district which has a maternity ward, and other maternity care services. Please join us in building a maternity ward for the people of Lushoto to ensure the safe delivery of babies, and generations to come.

The project has completed and the hospital is already up and running. However, we need more funds in order for it to continue running!

We need $50,000 to fund the remaining works

By donating you will help to

  • Provide pregnant women access to free maternity and infant care services 

  • Reduce maternity-related deaths

  • Serve a community of over 50,000 people from the Lushoto and nearby Districts

 Completion of Ehsan Maternity Ward 

For the past 10 years, the Mlalo Health Centre in the district of Lushoto did not have a maternity ward. They couldn't afford to build one. Over the years, this resulted in high mortality rates for mother and children cases. Alhamdulillah with your donation, we have managed to change this.


With the completion of the new Maternity Ward, we can now serve 45 patients a day - especially for pregnant mothers and children. That is a total of 1,320 a month or 16,200 patients a year....all for free, insyaAllah. The population in Lushoto are among the poorest in Africa - with 80% living on less than $50 a month. Their beaming smiles say it all - they are so thankful for this enormous gift to the community there.

Help us to support the operations of the health centre

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