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Build a Home for Widows

Build a new home for widows to provide a better living space for both her and her child

Amount to Give


Amount to Give

You could be the one to help a widow and her children.

War, crime, disease, and extreme poverty all claim the spouses of women, many of whom are young or elderly. The responsibility of supporting their family has been left to them. Many widows come from societies where women are not educated and males are the only ones who provide for their families. As a result, when a woman becomes a widow, she has no skills to rely on to support herself.

Due to the lack of opportunities for a better life, widows and orphans experience increased poverty. Their homes are fashioned out of mud and steel sheets as well as other salvaged materials. Families of 8 or 9 are jammed into one small room that serves as their home, their kitchen, and bathroom with makeshift beds all in one area, increasing the risk of disease and, ultimately, death.

You have the power to improve the lives of widows and orphans.

We will be able to construct a new home for a widow and her orphan children with the aid . Each house has a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet, and bedrooms. Along with providing frequent food boxes, we also send blankets, beds, and cushions to help the family feel at home.

A widow can better care for her children in a new house. The family will feel more secure, and it will aid in dispelling the shame associated with widows and orphans. You have the power to relieve a widow's suffering and provide for her children's future.


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