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Build a new home for widows to provide a better living space for both her and her child

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Amount to Give

In developing areas, single-parent family, especially widows lack opportunities to grow. No mother wants to see her children struggle and prevent them from excelling in school. Our Home for Widows project ensure widows and orphans worldwide can receive support when they have nowhere else to turn.

In Indonesia, Madam Sulastri lives in a tiny, wooden house. The increase in goods prices draws more responsibility from her and some days Madam Sulastri gets into debt from the lack of security peace and job opportunities. The family rarely receives some assistance family and is obliged to depend on humanitarian bodies and donors. On top of the financial insecurity, Madam Sulastri fears for that she and her children would catch the COVID-19 virus. Donate today to build a comfortable house for Madam Sulastri and her children.

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For Eka Kirana and her family, that is their reality. Without any concrete foundations or much space for daily activities, their home lacks the basic security needed …


Donate today from $100. It takes between $5000-$7000 to build a home. Your generous donation will be utilised for the construction process.

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