Join us in our efforts to refurbish the school for orphans, needy and the underprivileged. 

Amount to Give


Amount to Give


SGD 100,00 is needed to refurbish and maintain its facilities. Below are the facilities  that will be undergoing the initial phase of the refurbishment process. The facilities include:

  • Building Class A
  • Mosque & Ablution Place
  • Kitchen
  • Boy's Dormitory 
  • Girls' Dormitory 
  • Yard
  • Women's Latrines  
  • Men's Latrines

Your monthly donations will be channeled to refurbishing the school in 3 phases throughout 2021. Read our Plan of Action below for more details.

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Building A Classrooms

By improving the quality of the school building, we can hope to inspire our youngsters by giving them a conducive classroom to learn.

Building A consists of 6 classrooms across 2 levels. Each classroom is in need of floorings, windows and door upgrades.

Mosque & Ablution Place

Help us to restore the quality of the prayer area in order to make the space safer and more inhabitable for the students to pray in. We are now in need of your generous donations to reconstruct the roof and flooring of the mosque. This phase also includes the installation of a water tap in the ablution place.

Girls' Dormitory

The goal of this project is to complete the renovation of the girl's dormitory with refurbished windows, doors and roofing. The dormitory houses 4 main rooms.

Boys' Dormitory

Similarly, the boys' dormitory also houses 4 rooms and requires refurbishing of its windows, doors and roofing.


Nothing is more important than the safety of the pupils and staff. We aim to renovate the existing kitchen by upgrading its flooring, roofing, walls, insulation, windows and latrine.

Male & Female Latrines

Overall cleanliness and sanitation is another important concern at the Ma'had. You could help us by improving the sanitation facilities.

5 units in the women's latrines are in desperate need of a retiling, new doors, cement bathtubs, and new closet spaces. 4 units in the men's latrine, are also in need of upgrading.


to provide a conducive learning environment 

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