Aceh will remain in the hearts of many after the deadly natural disaster. It has left about 80,000 children orphaned, with only one or none of the parents. Studies have shown that in Aceh, Indonesia, 69,000 children went fatherless, 7,000 children went motherless and 4,000 children had their parents missing ever since the tsunami. These children have the right to be protected, cared, and loved for.
Global Ehsan Relief is opening a door for them to explore further and unleash their potential to be outstanding individuals. We are gathering all interested parties who wish to help out these orphans in need. With your help, we hope that their lives would be revitalized. 

Abu Huraira reported: A man came to the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, and he complained about the hardness of his heart. The Prophet said, “If you want to soften your heart, feed the poor and pat the head of the orphan.”

Musnad Aḥmad 7522


Darul Ehsan Orphanage is an integrated boarding school that doesn't only include Tahfiz and Islamic studies, but also modern and secular education. Our orphanage includes a mosque, dormitory, laboratory, library, auditorium, guest house, and sports facilities. These children will be taught various skills such as entrepreneurship and agricultural practices. This IOC will be built in Aceh, Indonesia, and can accommodate up to 500 orphans.

Figures above show the mock-up of the Integrated Orphan Centre

**Above are just some of the facilities to be built. They are the mock-ups of our plan and are not drawn to scale. 
Make a difference today!
They, too, have a dream of happiness and success. Let's unlock the opportunity for the orphans to gain knowledge and pick up useful skills to prepare for their future. Together, we can make a change!
Contribute to support our orphans at $100, $500 or $1000. 

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