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More about Shaykh Kauther

Shaykh Kauther is a teacher, leader and a humanitarian activist. A graduate of Darul Uloom Bury in the United Kingdom who has sound knowledge of Fus-hah Arabic and is Haafidhul Qur'an.


Being known for the accessibility of his classical lecture circuit & carefully crafted presentations on Tafseer, and other Islamic Sciences, he prefers to engage his audience by upholding the timeless messages and morals of the Holy Qur'an whilst constantly pointing to their modern-day relevance. 


Apart from teaching, he also co-ordinates tour guides to the many famous holy sites across the Middle East and the Hijaz. Dedicated to help those less fortunate, Shaykh has provided help to the homeless in Leicester to the tsunami victims in Indonesia, as well as Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. He has undertaken challenging tasks in aid of charity, including skydiving and climbing Mount Ararat, which is 5 times the height of the tallest mountain in the UK.

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