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Join us in our efforts to provide a  long-lasting impact  on these Syrian refugee children by providing them with quality education. 

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These Syrian refugee children, who are forced to live in camps near the Syrian border in Jordan, have their lives torn away from them. These children require more than just shelter, food, and water; they require education as well. These youngsters have fled Syria's civil war, and their lack of access to education may be damaging to their growth and development. Many difficulties confront these refugee communities on their journeys away from home, including risking safety and security, and for most children affecting their psychosocial development.

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Meet Khaled, a six-year-old student from Class 2

When our team first met Khaled in December 2021, the cheeky boy could not stop giving us high-fives and a wide, infectious smile. His teacher told us that Khaled was not always as friendly. During his first few months in school, Khaled was a timid boy who could barely talk or understand lessons. Possibly, the conflict has left an impact on him due to the traumatic events he experienced.

Now, Khaled is much more open being around new people and is not as timid. He is learning new things everyday and he tells us that he enjoys going to school very much.


Global Ehsan Relief has been supporting the education of these Syrian refugee children through a mobile school.

Global Ehsan Relief collaborated with our partners to construct a school for Syrian refugee children in order to rescue the future of future generations. The school caters to the underprivileged and orphaned children living in these haphazard colonies, with students ranging in age from 6 to 16. We also supplied GER-branded school uniforms, backpacks, books, and stationery. 

It is intended that these refugee children would be fostered and well-prepared to reconstruct their lives as a result of the mobile school in Jordan. Aside from academics, it's also crucial to teach children life skills, such as social skills that will give them independence and confidence. Join us in providing quality education for the children. 

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Join us in our efforts to provide a long-lasting impact on these Syrian refugee children by providing them with quality education. 

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