Muharram Giving Week

Commemorate Muharram with the Best Charity

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Amount to Give

Commemorate Muharram with the Best Charity

Muharram, according to the Qur’an in Surah At-Tawbah, is one of the four sacred months in the year. It is also the month in which many historical events occurred.

Prophet Musa (AS) parted the sea to save himself and the Children of Israel from the Pharaoh and his army. Prophet Nuh (AS) left the ark after it came to rest at Mount Judi. Imam Hussain (RA), the grandson of the Prophet (SAW), made a great sacrifice in the Battle of Karbala.

This month, we’re honouring the great acts of these figures that came before us. For all the lives saved and the lives lost in the history of Muharram, let’s commit to giving others a chance at a better life through charity. 

We’re dedicating the month of Muharram to highlight our Care for Clean Water Projects. If you can afford to build a water well or an ablution place, now’s your chance to contribute to giving clean, safe water to those in need.

Water is the most basic necessity of life - essential for purity, religion and dignity. We need water to drink, to wash, to clean our dishes, clothes, and more. Water is life. 

However, for hundreds of thousands of people around the world, water is a scarce precious resource. The world’s poorest, most disadvantaged people cannot afford to take water for granted. For them, ready access to this most basic human need is little more than a dream. 

Giving Water as Charity in Islam

It is highly recommended to give water in Islam. Water is a blessing from Allah (SWT), and water projects allow us to actively work towards making this vital resource readily available across the world.

From as low as $50, you have the power to gift water and give life to communities and individuals who have been living without clean water. Your donations will be channelled into the following solutions:

We are implementing a range of projects that support and empower local communities such as building sustainable water wells, maintaining water trucking services in displacement camps and building water stations. Find out more about each of our projects below.

  1. Water Well
  2. Community Water Well
  3. Ablution Places
  4. Mobile Water Tankers 
  5. Clean Water for Gaza

Download our Give the gift of water booklet

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