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Idlib Girls' Orphan Education Centre

With more refugees settling in sheltering centres, children and youth are out of school.

Those living in sheltering centres could only live by donations, for them access to education is limited. It is worrying that the next generation are growing up without education.

We need your support in providing quality education to orphaned girls & prevent the spread of ignorance of generations.

Join us in our efforts to bring education to Syrian refugees .

Brief Background

Background Location

Located in the city of Idlib, in northern Syria, the school caters to the disadvantaged refugees. Due to financial impossibilities, they are unable to receive basic education.

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We are providing education to 170 orphans who lost their parents due to war, catastrophic disasters and disease in Syria.

The education curriculum covers Quranic Education, Tajweed, Exegesis courses, Prophetic education, along with Moral education.

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A total of $25,000 is needed to sustain for a year. It covers students' education materials; social activities; daily meals; and the monthly cost of upkeep and maintenance of apart from administrative costs. 


Sponsor the Orphans. One-time donation. or Monthly to sustain. State the impact your donation will make. In 3 sentence if possible.

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