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Orphan Girls School in Turkey

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School in Turkey 



According to United Nations, there are now more than 800 thousand orphans in Syria. Many of the orphaned children are unable to receive the necessary education due to financial impossibilities. This project aims to provide education support to 170 girls who became orphans due to reasons such as war, catastrophic disasters, and disease. By doing so, we hope to raise a generation with the correct Islam teachings. By implementing an education program focusing on foundational social and moral education to help them overcome the negative impacts of the conflict.

With the help of our partners in Turkey, Global Ehsan Relief supports the yearly maintenance of Mahed Nur, an Orphan Girls School to see to the education of Syrian refugee girls who would otherwise be deprived of a proper education growing up. After losing their homes to conflict and their parents to war, catastrophic disasters and disease in Syria, these girls deserve the rights to uninterrupted and quality education to ensure their preparation for the working world in the future.

The school is currently supporting the material and spiritual education of 170 girls who are of schooling age (primary and secondary) and ensures that they are provided with wholesome meals during the day.

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The curriculum for the students shall be as follows: 

• Quran Education: Quran reading shall be thought to the ones who do not know. Quranic teachings will be given to students with an appropriate program for the level of students.

• Tajweed: The ones who know reading the Quran shall be practising Tajweed and memorization of the surah.

• Exegesis courses: This course shall be given by professional educators in this field, with the purpose of making the Quran has been understood correctly.

• Prophetic education: With the thought that the pre-conditions of living and understanding Islam can be provided by understanding our Prophet, regular readings regarding the life of our, Prophet shall be performed.

• Education of Values: Educations with the concepts of love, respect, tolerance, patient, goodwill, helping each other, mercy, compassion, honesty, favour, courage, generosity, kindness and responsibility, shall be provided.



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