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No child should be neglected and deprived of basic needs. Our Orphan Home Projects is committed to protect orphans against violence and in providing them the care they deserve.

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Amount to Give


Severe childhood deprivation can have long-term consequences. On top of the absence of parental care, neglected orphans are often deprived of basic needs causing even higher subjection to violence, sexual violence, child labour.

Our Orphan Home Projects is a place for refuge for these children and we are committed to prevent further exploitation and provide the childhood they deserve. Currently, we have built an Orphan Home in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and are in the process to build one in Cambodia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. 

Support our project by donating from $100 onwards. Your donation will be considered a wakaf donation due to its long term benefits to the community. If you wish to sponsor a whole Orphan Home, please do get in touch with us. 

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our latest orphan home 

Baitul Ehsan Home is located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We hope to provide full support and care to 20 orphan children and complete them with akhirah. It is a way to shape these children into educated individuals, a great leader and productive citizens. We want to create a positive childhood where they feel secure and loved, and eventually ready to face the world. This orphan home will also have an in-house Tahfiz Program that will enable the children to learn and memorise the Quran.

In Malaysia, when orphans are put to stay and live with other family members, they face major issues such as mental & physical abuse which leads to depression. They are raised with lack of moral values and education, and often in terms of religion. Whereas most orphanages managed by the Government are full and the list of waiting is getting longer by day. On the other hand, privately owned orphanage always faces financial constraints due to high living costs.

Sadly, they are often deprived of attention, love, security which comes from a holistic family. When they spend a large part of their childhood in such orphanages, most of them often grow up with low self esteem, delinquency and poor academics.

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