An orphan in Islam is defined as a child who has lost his father or both of his parents. In Arabic, an orphan is called a yateem. Currently, according to UNICEF, there are approximately 150 million orphans worldwide. The number of young children being orphaned is increasing: families torn apart through war, poverty, hunger, and disease. Exploitation and domestic abuse are rife. They are often deprived of their rights and often survive in extreme poverty, homelessness, neglect and remain largely uncared for.  Alhamdulillah, together with our international partners, we support thousands of orphans, helping safeguard their iman and providing them a chance where there was not one.

Location:  Aceh, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India, Gaza, Palestine, Senegal, Sri Lanka

The program covers a quality education, basic health support, provision of shelter, support for the family or guardian, clothing and transport.

Like all children, orphans too dream of happiness and success. Let us all make a difference in their lives. The sponsorship programme will ensure that orphans’ social, financial and educational needs are met. Transforming a life costs us little but ensures us a place in Paradise inshaAllah. It is a means of continuous charity as the donor receives rewards for all the good that the sponsored child does.

Sponsor an Orphan today!

Choose from monthly or yearly plans below, make your donation and we will get in touch with you.

Upon your first contribution, you will receive: 

A welcome pack so you can get to know your sponsored orphan a little better, and every year we'll send you a feedback report so you can see exactly how your support is improving their life and future prospects. 

Please take note that it will take approximately 2-3 weeks for us to send your welcome pack. 

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