"It is getting worse, now there is Covid-19. It’s one of the most difficult situations we ever faced in Palestine," pleaded a family residing in Palestine.

The humanitarian conditions in Palestine – where poverty and food insecurity affect 53 percent and 68.5 of the population respectively – are alarming, and follow the collapse of all productive sectors, basic social services and infrastructures. Palestine’s socioeconomic fabric is faltering due to the cumulative impact of 12 years of sea, land and air blockade. Movement restrictions associated with COVID-19 have further increased vulnerabilities.


On top of existing challenges faced by its occupants, such as lack of water, electricity, and health services, they are now at risk of a full-blown COVID-19 outbreak. Over 60% of families are living below the poverty line as a result of the continuing blockade and lack of employment opportunities that exacerbates the problem and one million depending on humanitarian aid.


A full lockdown has been imposed further restricting the movements of those in the territory. A collapsing global economy is severely affecting the prices of food supply and other basic needs. As unemployment is also on the rise, now 60% of families are living below the poverty line.

Palestine is also enduring an ongoing water crisis, with 97 per cent of the water unfit for human consumption. Some 2.1 million people, the entire population of Palestine, are at risk of waterborne diseases, such as kidney failure, dehydration, and fatal diarrhoea disease. The single biggest killer of children in Palestine is drinking contaminated water. We’re helping to empower communities in Palestine by providing clean water.


“...And whoever saves one (life) - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.”  Quran [5:32]

Donate to our Palestine Emergency Appeal and Help Us Deliver Life-Saving Aid to Thousands of People
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CLEAN WATER FOR A FAMILY (100 Families Need Your Support) 

Reliable access to a safe source of clean water is vital for survival

$300 - for 1 year supply (1,000 litres monthly for 12 months)

WATER TANK (100 Families Have No Water Tanks)

Provide A 500 Liter Water Tank

$150 per family 

HYGIENE KITS (500 Families Need Your Support)

Masks, Gloves, Sanitisers, Soaps, Shampoos etc .

$75 per family

BREAD BASKET (1000 Families Need Your Support)

Daily supply of bread.

At $100 for 10 families 

FOOD AID PACKS (500 Sets Urgently Needed)

Essential food items, vegetables and poultry that can feed a family of 5-7 for a month .

$125/month per family

View how we have sent your donations to Palestine:

Hot meals for Palestine Refugees in Gaza Strip
Make a difference to where it matters most, donate today. 

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