Prophetic Qurban

Give Twice, Fulfil The Sunnah

Amount to Give


Amount to Give


What is a Prophetic Qurban?

The Prophet S.A.W. used to give his Qurban and then give a second Qurban for those in his Ummah who were unable to do so themselves. This act of generous giving for those who cannot afford their own sacrifice is known as a Prophetic Qurban.

Let’s revive the Sunnah together

In the past, our beloved Prophet S.A.W. would perform 2 Qurbans - one on his behalf and another on behalf of his Ummah who could not afford to do Qurban themselves. This year, let's revive this Sunnah and help more needy families.

Double your Rewards 

Giving a Prophetic Qurban is an honourable deed. Not only will you be following the Sunnah of the Prophet S.A.W., more people are also benefiting from the blessings of Eid ul-Adha.

Let's take part in the beautiful, caring practice of our Prophet S.A.W. Now's the time to double your rewards while helping those less fortunate in our Ummah who cannot afford to do Qurban. 

Perform your Prophetic Qurban for the Ummah today.

Package Details :  

2 Goats Qurban = $250 (Uganda) 

2 Goats Qurban = $410 (Bangladesh Refugees)

2 Goats Qurban = $510 (Lebanon) 


The Prophet S.A.W. said: 

“It is the Sunnah of your father Ibrahim A.S. For every hair of the Qurbani you receive a reward from Allah S.W.T.” 



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