Global Ehsan Relief together with its International partners, performs Qurban worldwide. We will make sure your sacrifice is done in the appropriate Islamic way and at the right time. We only use the healthiest Qurban animals (sheep, goat, cow, camels) and will deliver the fresh meat straight to those who need it the most.
Your Qurban donations ensures people around the world can share in the joy and remembrance of Eid al Adha, and for some, is the only meat they’ll eat in a year.

Make a difference with your Qurbani this year - perform your sacrifice in the countries listed below for goat/cattle/camel qurban and help our brothers and sisters in need. We are giving you the opportunity to provide Qurban meat to the neediest communities in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Refugees and those in conflict areas.

Perform your Qurban in one of  33 countries this year and you can fulfill your obligation, and do so while feeding the poor and the forgotten.

Our Qurban Price List For 2020

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