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Every year during the holy month our donors give generously to support families who struggle to access food throughout the year. Our Ramadan food parcels provide essential items like rice, flour, oil and dates, freeing families from worry about where their next meal will come from during the month of fasting. You can relieve someone's hunger, quench someone's thirst, and ease someone's struggle. 

This Ramadhan, we aim to deliver 10,000 food parcels to widows, orphans and refugees affected by poverty and hunger in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and conflict areas like Syria and Rohingya. Just one food parcel can last 1 month and will be able to feed a family of 5 to 7 people for Iftar and Sahur.

Share your Ramadhan with the most vulnerable people in the world.

Last year, Rajabu managed to break his fast, all thanks to you. This year, you can do the same for him by sending a food aid pack

Last year, 27,560 beneficiaries received your food packs

For $75, you will be able to provide one food hamper in Asia - including Rohingya refugees. And for just $100, you will be able to provide one food hamper for the needy in Africa and the Middle East - including Gaza and  Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Donate today.