Share your blessings with those in Palestine who have been stricken by conflict and poverty

Join us in providing aid to help the affected families in different areas of the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem (Al Aqsa) & Palestine, with special care taken to include families with orphans, widows, divorcees, the unemployed, and disabled children. Donate today.

Palestine & the Gaza Strip remain under a suffocating blockade that has been strangling Palestinians for more than eleven years. The blockade affects the daily lives of more than 2 million citizens, including 1.3 million refugees, destroying their livelihoods. Additionally, the strict control of trade has contributed to depleting the resources of a collapsing economy.

With the coming of Ramadhan, the month of patience and perseverance, we are targeting families who are battling poverty and difficult circumstances, those whose breadwinners struggle to make ends meet, and those who were orphaned by war, poverty and illness.