Ehsan Ramadhan Appeal 2019


The blessed month of Ramadan is quickly approaching and what better way to prepare than to feed the poor and remember those who are forgotten. 


Ramadan is an opportunity to give charity, show generosity and mercy to those around us, most notably the poor.  Feeding those in need carries  a  great weight in blessings, especially in the  holy  month. Allah Swt names those who feed the poor as ‘The righteous’ - 

‘(The righteous are those) who feed the poor, the orphan and the captive for the love of God’ Holy Qur’an 76:8-9

How We Work?


Every year during the blessed month of Ramadan, Global Ehsan Relief together with our partners provide Food Packs to the poor in the most vulnerable and effected regions of the world. The food packs are specially designed and focused to provide  for  the fundamental nutritional needs of the  beneficiary and to  reach as many people as possible.


The beneficiaries are selected in categories of vulnerable groups. These groups are physically disabled persons, widows, female headed families, Orphans and families living under the poverty line.


Where We Work :

The Prophet Mohammed may peace be upon him said,

"If a person gives iftar to a fasting person in this month, his sins will be forgiven. And he will be given as many rewards as has that fasting person," 

Iftar Ramadhan Monthly Family Food Aid Package (For A Family Of 4 -6 ):

Food Hampers/Provisons For Iftar & Sahuur - Feeds a family of 5 for 1 month

What Each Family Will Receive:











All children are entitled to basic rights relating to health, education, nutrition and protection. Yet each year, millions are subjected to abuse and even more are orphaned due to war, famine, poverty and natural disasters. This Ramadhan we provide food parcels to help widows and orphans affected by poverty. 

Package A

For countries in Africa & Middle East - Syria, Gaza, Iraq, Syrian Refugees, Somalia, Ghana, Mali, Malawi, CAR, Sudan, Eritrean Refugees & Yemen

$50 (10 days)/$100 (20 days)/$150 (30 days)

Package B

For countries in Asia - Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Philippines, Myanmar, & Rohingya Refugees

$30 (10 days)/$60 (20 days)/$90 (30 days)

Package C

For Widows & Orphans 

$25 (10 days)/$50 (20 days)/$75 (30 days)

Ramadan, for many of us, is a few hours of feeling the pangs of hunger, but for thousand of children and adults around the world – hunger is a daily fact.


Not everyone or every family can afford a decent meal of iftar and sahoor. For many, it is a struggle to make ends meet let alone to provide for the family & children. Lets make a difference and share our happines with needy families in all around the world, insya-Allah.


Your generous donations to provide a iftar meals and will help them to forget their struggles and bring a smile back to their faces.

Donate your Iftar Meals Sponsorship to the most deserving people in Aceh, Afghanistan, Mali, Gaza, Bangladesh, Somalia, Syrian refugees, Myanmar Refugees, Eritrea, Yemen, Indonesia.


Package A

20 Countries

$50 (10 Pax) / $250 (50 Pax) / $500 (100 Pax)

Package B

Masjid Al-Aqsa

$150 (10 Pax) / $750 (50 Pax) / $1500 (100 Pax)

Package C

Last 10 Nights for Rohingya refugees in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia/Orphans in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

$500 (1 Night) / $2500 (5 Nights) / $5000 (10 Nights)

Package D

Iftar Meal Box in Singapore

$150 (25 Boxes) / $300 (50 Boxes) / $600 (100 Boxes)

Package E

Mass Iftar for Singapore/Malaysia/Gaza/Indonesia/Syria

$500 (100 Pax) / $2500 (500 Pax) / $5000 (1000 Pax)

A Chance To Help Others Enjoy Their Eid:


Share the joys of Eid and make it memorable by allowing children in poorer countries receive their very own surprise Eid Gift, insya-Allah.


The joy and hapiness the gifts bring to our orphans is one of the most beautiful acts one can witness, yet the Eid gifts we distribute tend to be items the orphans need most - new clothes for Eid, an extra pair of shoes, school bag, Eid pocket money and most often include toys. Younger children are also given sweets & food.

Sponsor An Eid Gift To An Orphan For Just $50 - 500 Sets Are Needed

Ramadhan Charity Drive 2019 is GER’s annual event organised to help our Muslim beneficiaries here in Singapore in celebrating Eid this year. This special event will be held on the 18th of May (or 22nd Ramadhan. The event will be held at Masjid Al Amin, insyaAllah

We will be mobilising around 200 volunteers to help with logistics, packing and distribution to the selected rental units island wide. We are targeting 700 - 1000 household, mainly the elderly, single-moms and poor & needy families. They will each get a Ramadhan grocery hamper worth $50 per pack per family.

Each hamper is filled with essential groceries for cooking iftar and sahoor meals and Raya delicacies such as instant mini-ketupats and ingredients for chicken curry as well as a bottle of Raya Cookies.

The Event will start a month earlier for us to canvas for support and donation for the event through social media and our contacts. 

We welcome any contributions to meet our targets of 700-1000 groceries packs.

Logistics support required :

1. 200 Volunteers

2. 100 Vehicles

Donate now. Each Grocery hamper cost only $50

Donation Payment Options:


1. By Cash or Nets at our office.

2. By Cheque addressed to : 'Global Ehsan Services' and mail to our office address.

   ( No 93 Joo Chiat Road #04-01 Singapore 427387)


3. By Bank Transfer:
i.  DBS Current Account : 003-943487-1
ii. OCBC (Global Ehsan Services) : 5692 8124 9001


For International Bank Transfer Details:

Bank Name: OCBC
Account Name: Global Ehsan Services
Account No: 5692 8124 9001
Bank Code: 7339
Branch Code: 569
Swift Code: OCBCSGSG

Or Register Your Donations Online Below:

2. Iftar Meals Sponsorships

3. Eid Gifts For Orphans

4. Ramadhan Charity Drive

1. Iftar & Sahur Sponsorship 

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