More than one million Rohingya Muslims in Arakan State, Burma, are today living in apartheid conditions. Much of the countryside in Arakan is awash with concentration camps, the grim result of a targeted program which has seen Muslims killed and villages razed to the ground.

Homes, shops, and entire villages are being burned to the ground. The refugees fleeing the violence have crossed the border injured and ill and need urgent medical attention.  The camps in Bangladesh do not have sufficient resources to treat the injured or feed the many that haven't eaten in days.


There is a mass exodus from the country as people flee for their lives, facing perilous journeys to do so. Dozens of refugees, including children, are missing and presumed dead, as Rohingya Muslims were forced to risk everything to escape this brutal persecution.​ The Rohingya are now trapped between repression in their homeland and abuse in neighboring countries. It is up to us to respond and show them that they have not been forgotten. 

“And whoever saves one life, it is as if they had saved mankind entirely.” [Surah Al-Ma’idah 5:32]

Our global humanitarian aid partners have been administering relief in Myanmar and Bangladesh for 10 years. Using its established local network, these charities have maintained support to besieged Rohingya families in Arakan since the outbreak of violence in 2012.

Our teams were on the ground in places like Sittwe, Burma, refugee camps in Bangladesh delivering life-saving essential aid to those in the camps. We provided food, hygiene and sanitation items, and clean water. We also rebuilt shelters that were destroyed or damaged.

Please donate today to help the Rohingya refugees who now need your help more than ever.

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