2650 Food Aid Packs

distributed to refugee families living in Cox Bazaar

45 Survival Kits

each kits consisted of personal hygiene items (soaps, sanitary pads, trash bags etc) and utensils (Food-storage canister, Glasses, Matches/lighter) 

240 Shelters

for those living in overcrowded settlement

1 Medical Camp

set up with medical supplies and equipment including staff to provide free primary healthcare services 

1 Medical Clinic

built-in 2017 which only lasted only for 2 months after which begins the development of the Medical Cam

75,000 Cooked Meals

distributed to refugee families living in Cox Bazaar

450 Winter Kits

each kits include sweaters, blankets, socks and gloves

300 Blankets

distributed to refugee families living in Cox Bazaar

20 Hand pumps

built to provide constant daily clean water supply to the community


supplies via water tankers during Emergencies

750 Hygiene Kits

such as Soaps, Toothpaste and Toothbrushes, Female Sanitary pads, Razor Blades, Combs, Trash bags and Plastic bins

600 Cooking Fuel Packs

provided for mass cooking 

150 School Bags

given to children to continue pursuing their education

200 Baby Cereal

given to fight malnutrition by providing the necessary nutrients for growth


The influx of refugees from Myanmar has pushed humanitarian efforts to the brink, with 31.5% living in poverty. To help tackle the rising food insecurity among the Rohingyans, we ensure families receive a food aid pack monthly and cooked meals. Baby cereal is also given to ensure children get enough nutrition for growth. 

Each year, GER also delivers iftar meals and send Qurbani meat to them annually.


A food aid pack is delivered to each family and are usually sufficient for families of five to seven. The contents of the food pack consist of:

  • 10kg of rice
  • 2kg of lentils
  • 2 other legumes each, 2kg sugar
  • 2kg salt
  • 2kg milk powder, biscuits potatoes, cooking pots and etc.

With sufficient donations, we hope to provide as many families with the food aid pack monthly. 


When refugees flee their homeland, they leave everything behind and faces plenty of challenges. Younger people in particular children face language and literacy difficulties due to disrupted education. As such, we want children to continue learning by providing them with learning materials resources. Each school bag contains notebooks, pencil cases and snacks. 

The displaced people of Rohingya are continuing to face hardship. In March 2021, a fire started in the Balukhali camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh and destroyed a large portion of the camp, killing over a dozen people and leaving more than 20,000 refugees homeless.

With the assistance of our partners on the ground, we were swift to send aid. 5,000 cooked meals and 100 food packs were distributed to the Rohingya Refugees, benefitting a total of 5,500 refugees. The medical clinic we are supporting is also continuing to serve the medical needs of the refugees in the camps in Bangladesh. 


Provide assistance to the largest world refugee camp. 

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