Seminar Quran Di Hatiku : Part 2

An outstanding and interesting seminar coming this July to bring our hearts closer to the Quran. A two day seminar packed with info, tips and guidance from an outstanding speaker and motivator - Ustz Asraff Ayob Al Hafiz, from Malaysia.


After wowing our participants in Seminar Quran Di Hatiku Part 1 back in April, Ustz Asraff Ayob will be back again for Part 2 on 29 & 30 July, insyaAllah,with Tadabbur & Tafseer of Surah Sajadah and Ar Rahman

On the first day - Tadabbur Of Surah Sajadah :

This seminar focused on several methods on how to gain Divine Love. In this Surah, Allah Azza Wa Jalla shares 9 tips, the best method for us to reach the redha & grace of Allah s.w.t.


All these tips from this Surah are very useful to help us communicate with the Divine through His favored ways, to organize our lives accordingly to His will and to have good perception of Him - Most Gracious and Full of Love.

On the second day - Tadabbur Surah Ar Rahman :

Seminar Surah Ar-Rahman shares series of evidences of God's mercy. Through 78 verses of this surah, Allah Azza Wa Jalla shows his love to us, His finest creatures by sharing unbounded favors that are not given to other beings.


That is why, this surah repeats the same question 31 times : are we grateful for all the best favors given to us? Have we been thankful enough to Him? Are we willing to love Him sincerely?

This seminar explores the issue & seeks to increase love & gratitude to our Lord.







































(Seminar will be conducted in Malay )

Place, time and venue :

Date : 29 - 30 July 2017

Time : 9am to 5pm

Venue : Masjid Sultan Auditorium

Price : Just $97 for 2 days seminar

Special Group Discounts of 4 bookings or more = $90 per person. 

**No F&B provided. Price not including F&B.

***All proceeds from this seminar will go towards supporting our Care For Orphans project.

Register and purchase your seats online now and get these outstanding E-books from Ustz Asraff for FREE. 

Note : these e-bools are not available elsewhere or in book stores :

1. Kaedah Jibril - Kaedah Mudah & Praktikal Menhafaz Surah-Surah Al Quran

2. Bacaan Al Quran Kipidab - 21 Formula Mengaji & Mengkaji Al Quran Agar Hidup Lebih Berjaya & Bahagia

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