Feed A Starving Person A Plate Of Biryani

Share a plate of delicious biryani meal and help eradicate hunger, malnutrition and save lives.

3 Reasons why you should join us to share food ! 

Reduce the number of starving people

Everyday, there are 690 million people who go to bed with an empty stomach. One in three suffer from some form of malnutrition.  

Provide a nutritious meal for the most needy

You can help save lives during emergencies or give children nutritious meals in school.​

Eradicate Hunger & Malnutrition

When you donate to Global Ehsan Relief Share A Biryani Meal program, your generosity is immediately put to work helping build a world with zero hunger.

 Help us provide 5,000 Biryani meals monthly in 5 countries!


For just $35, you can feed 10 needy person, children or orphan with a nutritious Biryani meal. We will be providing those affected most by the food crisis for people in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Rohingya refugees. We can’t do any of this without your support. 

Share-A-Meal Briyani in Sri Lanka 2020.j

May Allah swt grant ease to all souls.

Mohamed Jalaludeen L. Ali,

Donor of Share-A-Meal Project

Image by Shreyak Singh

Sending you all my love. May Allah grant you ease, courage, strength & keep you safe each every day.

Nuratikah Hussein,

Donor of Share-A-Meal Project

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