Pre-Dawn Deliveries: this Singaporean extends a hand before the sun even rises

For Muslims, mosques play a strong community role – they’re where religious classes are held and many gather to socialise or seek solace.

So when mosques closed in Singapore as part of Covid-19 measures, this left a gap in the community, especially for those who require assistance. Now that Ramadan has begun, these issues are becoming even more pertinent.

For this student in Singapore, he saw the need to fill that gap and started an initiative to deliver meals to those who need them.

Although Ruzaini Syazwan is a full-time student, he has been buying pre-dawn meals from 2.30am to distribute to the needy, reported Berita Mediacorp.

Kickstarting the #UmbrellaInitiative on his own, Syazwan had the plight of this vulnerable community in mind. Knowing that they’ll have no pre-dawn and break fast or iftar meals from the mosques, he decided to be their provider instead.

Relying solely on money from the community, Syazwan has gone from buying and delivering 20 packs of food a day at the start of Ramadan, to over 50 now.

He told Berita Mediacorp that anyone can make a difference, big or small:

Doesn’t matter how big the difference a person can make, the most important thing is to take the first step. Everything else will fall into place once you take the first step.

It’s very heartening to see young Singaporeans making a difference in the community.

[Source: Mustsharenews]

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