The unseen hardships in a pandemic

With a worldwide pandemic disrupting our daily lives and making the most vulnerable of us susceptible to a deadly virus, many families are struggling. This is especially true for low-income families whose members already suffer from an existing medical condition. These are the stories of some of those families in Singapore.

Ms Aerni is a stage three cancer patient. She lives with her husband, daughter, and grandchild. Her daughter is also a cancer patient, and they are both undergoing chemotherapy. Meanwhile, her husband is not fit to work due to high blood pressure. Between the three of them, it’s close to impossible for them to make a living. Leaving home for work may expose them to the virus and affect their health.

A household like Ms Aerni’s is struggling to make ends meet in between paying for medical bills, supporting a growing grandchild in the home, and having food on the table.

The same can be said for the family of Ms Halinah. She is a single mother who suffers from a spine condition and a nervous system disorder which renders her weak whenever she walks or stands for too long. She will otherwise move around in a wheelchair.

In such a condition, Ms Halinah is unable to support her four children (aged between 16 to 4 years-old), three of whom are in school. With home-based learning implemented by schools in Singapore, it is difficult for her to juggle between overseeing her children’s school work, meeting her family’s needs, and caring for her own health.

Ms Aerni and Ms Halinah were happy and grateful to receive support from donors of Global Ehsan Relief. They were the beneficiaries of GER’s Covid-19 Hardship Fund, targeting needy families in Singapore that are made up of widows, single parents, the disabled, and those who have lost their jobs.

Click here if you feel for their situation and would like to donate to this cause. You will help more families like theirs. In these times of difficulty and isolation, perhaps the voices of their suffering are drowned out by the voices of our own hardships. But it is during hardship that we should relieve the burden of others.

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