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Can you imagine the reward of sending an orphan to Umrah? You can help us to reach a target of sending 30 Palestinian orphans to Umrah by contributing however much you can to obtain this reward. 

This is MORE than just sending an Orphan to Umrah, this is a programme created to aid the mental and spiritual healing of children who have grown up in nothing but war. This trip could be the ONE trip that will change their lives FOREVER. These are children who are stateless, who in the future may never have the chance to travel. 

Be that one person who gifts their wealth and aids an Orphan to perform TWO Umrahs (yes, in one trip!); one for themselves and the other for their deceased parent. As well as providing food, water, education, medical care and welfare for their daily needs, we have launched a very special programme – sending Palestinian orphans on a blessed journey to Mecca to perform Umrah.

Preparing The Orphans For Umrah In January 2021

GER together with our partner NGOs will be travelling to Jordan this January 2021 for the start of one of our most ambitious and exciting programmes - taking more than 500 Palestinian orphans from Jordan to Umrah.

Our team will join our partner NGO Jordan team and volunteers for the start of the journey from the Jordanian capital, Amman, to Saudi Arabia in mid or end January 2021, insyaAllah.

More than 15 coaches will take the orphan boys and girls to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. They will be accompanied by their carers and in the case of mothers or adult female relatives accompanying an orphan girl, their mahram will be with them.

As well as specially produced ihrams (the white garments for Umrah and Hajj), the youngsters will be given commemorative baseball caps and T-shirts to mark the historic occasion. They will record details of their journeys and experiences in specially produced logbooks.

The scheduled itinerary includes arriving in Makkah Shareef where they prepare for Umrah by putting on their ihrams and making their intentions to fulfil Umrah. The youngsters will be performing Umrah for themselves and for family members. They will then go to Haram Shareef and the Ka’aba to perform Tawaf and walk through Safa Marwa seven times. After a few days in Makkah shareef, they will then travel to the blessed city of Madinah where part of the trip will include praying in the Masjidun Nabi, the mosque of our blessed Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Send an Orphan TODAY on a spiritual journey that will help them heal from the psychological trauma they have had to experience at such a young age. 

How you can help!

You can sponsor a Palestinian orphan to go on Umrah. Please select from one of these options below :
You can send a Palestinian orphan on Umrah for just $1,200 per orphan - full sponsorship or partial sponsorship

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